An independent audit team has been formed in order to observe the non conformance at its place by separating the operation of the service we give from the “person who does the work”, and with the aim to increase our service quality.  The audit team prepares a report in accordance with the audit results regarding the non conformances it has detected.  The detected non conformances are monitored together with the Quality Unit.  

During the audits;
  • Control of dress code conformability,
  • Control of Vehicle Interior – Exterior Cleanliness conformability,
  • Control of legal Documentation (Vehicle Inspection – Traffic Insurance – Exhaust Emission –License Appropriate for the vehicle, etc.) conformability,
  • Control of Traffic set (Mounting, Lever Jack, Trail Rope, Safety Chain, Reflector, Spare Tire, etc) conformability,
  • Control of First Aid Set conformability,
  • Control of Fire Extinguisher conformability,
  • Control of Tire tread depth conformability and  
  • Alcoholometry are done.  
Yasin Albayrak İpek Albayrak Cemil Albayrak Hikmet Albayrak İlknur Albayrak Halil Kemal İbrahim Özkan Engin Koşan Kerim Köseoğlu Ali Tabak Hayri Temiz Yusuf Yazıcı Ömer Kamil Şenol