Customer Relations And Management Commitment

Our aim as ALTUR GRUP is to organize, operate customer satisfaction processes consistently, systematically, customer oriented and responsively in order to give service to our customers above and beyond their expectations and inform our customers of the company policies we follow on their feedbacks.  

ALTUR GRUP, adopts feedbacks regarding the services it gives not as a complaint but as an improvement and development tool conveyed with the aim to fix and make provisions on.  Every type of complaint conveyed by our customers is an opportunity to eliminate one deficiency on the services we offer.    

Being sensitive and just to feedbacks, concentrating on solutions by using all company possibilities, ensuring processes on each stage are easy to use and applicable is an understanding and standpoint of all ALTUR employees.  

Our aim is to increase customer commitment by increasing customer satisfaction, improvement in the work process and taking necessary actions by determining the improvement areas, determining the service quality as a result of improved work processes.  
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