Operational Leasing

ALTUR Filo vehicle leasing system is formed to include all vehicle brands sold in our country and is offered to the service of companies.  There is no limit to number of vehicles and types in the fleet vehicle leasing.  Vehicles that will meet the demands of companies are determined by our experts and the most appropriate vehicles are delivered right out of the factory at 0 km and fully equipped.  

  • It delivers the vehicles at 0 km and fully equipped right out of the factory.  
  • There is no extra fee for vehicle delivery.  
  • All technical maintenance and periodical maintenance during the vehicle leasing period are done regularly according to vehicle’s maintenance guidance and the fees for this operation are met by ALTUR.
  • Insurance coverage covers all coverages included in the ALTUR automobile insurance and mandatory traffic insurance in case of possible accident or robbery.  
  • In each case when it is necessary for the vehicle to stay in the services for more than 48 hours, an equivalent vehicle will be given as a substitute and ne extra fee will be demanded for this vehicle.  
  • It pays the automobile and traffic insurance costs.   
  • It covers all taxes formed including the taxes during the purchasing of the vehicle.  
  • Leasing period is minimum 12 months and maximum 36 months.
  • All periodical maintenances in fleet leasing are paid by ALTUR as long as they are done according to maintenance guide at the authorized services.  
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