Our Driver Standards

All our drivers dressing in the same way according to our dress code and having done their daily personal care is an important part of our quality service perception.  Our drivers;
  • Have gone through Psycho-technical test, have taken first aid and emergency intervention, advanced driving techniques trainings.  
  • Obey traffic rules.  They are polite, gracious and understanding towards the personnel they carry. 
  • Emphasize on customer satisfaction. 
  • Work with an awareness of carrying humans and importance of human life. 
Yasin Albayrak İpek Albayrak Cemil Albayrak Hikmet Albayrak İlknur Albayrak Halil Kemal İbrahim Özkan Engin Koşan Kerim Köseoğlu Ali Tabak Hayri Temiz Yusuf Yazıcı Ömer Kamil Şenol