Our Vehicle Standards

Altur Turizm; continues its growth by adding leading firms in our country each day to its service network.  

With this growth, by continuously improving professional and individual competence of the personnel it employs, is forming teams who have command of management systems, who can use technology efficiently, who act and build upon customer demands and expectations, who follow changes in the sector.  

Each day approximately 200 thousand personnel are carried with our 250 projects and 8000 service vehicle.  Our operation personnel are equipped with the latest possibilities technology offers on communication, being able to solve inconveniences immediately and at its place by immediately contacting our company, customer’s manager and personnel and arranging the necessary coordination.  
Yasin Albayrak İpek Albayrak Cemil Albayrak Hikmet Albayrak İlknur Albayrak Halil Kemal İbrahim Özkan Engin Koşan Kerim Köseoğlu Ali Tabak Hayri Temiz Yusuf Yazıcı Ömer Kamil Şenol