Privacy Policy and Security

All the customer information, consumer information, corporate documents and other information which may carry strategic values which are shared during or before working with Altur as a corporation will be kept confidential.  
ALTUR, does not perform any data transfer / data base trading within any corporate data bases.  

The technologies we use are to determine which part of our website is more interesting to our visitors and how many times they are visited.  None of the data are analyzed on individual bases.  Only the information gathered anonymously (no name/no identification) are evaluated statistically to be able to serve website visitors better.  

The name, last name, birth date, marital status, contact and address information requested on the site are not shared with third parties in any way.  

On all the deliveries done through it is possible to change or leave from the receiver list at any time you wish.  On offers that come through the interned ALTUR can add "Cookies" to your computer.  This way, the information received will be used within the rules of protecting personal information to serve your needs and to be able to make a page design suitable to you.  

ALTUR, does necessary works to reach the customer target group in the right way and to apply the permitted marketing rules in all its deliveries.  

ALTUR (“”), respects the private life of everyone visiting their site.  All the information gathered on the web site visitors are firstly used to serve the services they demand or may demand and then directed to give a better service as a company.  ALTUR promises not to share these personal information with third parties and/or companies with different aims.  You have the right to learn and if needed change any of the information you have as site visitor personally; in addition, you have the right to demand this information is not used.  Your demands may not be answered due to security, financial or legal reasons.  There can be connections to external internet sites other than from one or more of the pages of  ALTUR cannot be kept responsible for the privacy policy of any of these sites it does not operate itself.  Sites whose addresses do not start with has no relations with 

By using this site, you will not be considered as accepting the privacy polity of ALTUR. ALTUR reserves the right to change, add or delete from this policy at all times. After the changes done under these  rules and conditions, your usage of this website will mean that you accepted these changes.  
Patent Right

Unless otherwise advised, patent right of all texts, pictures and other works on the website belong to Altur.  All rights of ALTUR are reserved.  Texts, images, audio, animation and video files and their designs are under registration with the coverage of 5846 numbered Idea and Artworks Law and all legal regulations regarding this law.  None of the items can be copies, used or released in other sites for trading purposes.  5846 numbered Idea and Artworks Law will be applied towards ones acting otherwise.  

All the logos, brands and corporate logos and model texts on the vehicle are protected with the enactment provisions of 556 numbered law on Brand Protection.  Logos can in no way be copied and used.  Legal actions will be taken on people who act otherwise.  
Each user going into ALTUR site or filling the forms in the site will be considered as accepting the information explained able in Using Conditions.  

Legal Warning

All kinds of text, image, chart and graphics on internet site are procured from third party companies who give service on these matters, and are prepared by ALTUR to give general information without receiving any financial benefit.  The correctness of all the contents that are in our Internet site is not guaranteed by us and are given towards ensuring a certain intake.  

Thus, ALTUR has no responsibility on any mistakes, deficiencies on this internet site or any financial/psychological harm and costs born directly or indirectly from operations done based on these contents and in whatever way any damage or cost third parties may face.  

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