Special Transfer Services

Our special transfer services unit within the Altur Turizm organization gives special transportation service to executives, special guests and company personnel of local and foreign firms that are known in their sector with its modern and equipped vehicles, experienced and respectful drivers.  

With special transfer services, vehicles, as many as needed by the firms, are offered with a driver for usage. Thus, transportation of firm employees, pick up of local and foreign guests from their hotel, their transportation to meetings, airport transportations, short or long distance transportations are met.  This way, firms do not strive on personnel costs like vehicle purchasing, maintenance, giving advances to the personnel, taxi receipt, expense form filling out.  Thanks to this system, firms save on costs, at the same time do not deal with problems caused by transportation.  

If requested, follow up of works like carrying documents to other organizations of the firms, banks, customs and government agencies are done by our Special Transfer Services Unit.  

The vehicles we use in Special Transfer Service are kept under control with vehicle tracking system based on 7/24, and at any time demanded all transfer tracking data can be reached.  

Instead of many costs tracked separately, “One Invoice System” where costs can be tracked easily has been formed.  Thus, control and internal audit has been made easier.  Opportunity to reach all the information needed monthly or daily in a report format has been given to the firms.  
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