Training and Development

ALTUR TURİZM, reserves resources for training and development of its employees at each level.  At ALTUR, unlimited training and development possibilities are offered for the employees to do their job right and to be the best at what they do.  

Starting this path with the motto of "Our biggest capital is our employees", ALTUR Group gives training where necessary for its workers and suppliers to ensure their education and development and ensures they are put to use.  With various training programs formed, opportunities for Altur workers to put forth their best performance and potential and to develop themselves are created.  

As much as the aim of ALTUR Performance Evaluation System is to correctly evaluate work efficiency, value added to the company, adaptation to the corporate identity and regulations of all the personnel, it is also to measure and determine the employees’ expectations from their jobs and the company, their career aims and needs for trainings, and to strengthen the communication and understanding between the management and the employees.  

ALTUR Performance Evaluation Model is a process where Aims and Qualifications are evaluated based on positions.  Performance evaluation of all the personnel working in ALTUR is done 1 time in a year in the month of December.  

Human Resources Units are units that give consultation to the companies.  It suggests systems and implementations for both the management and the employees to perform works toward efficient and successful targets.  Human Resources is beside all the workers while these implementations are put to life.  

Another mission of the Human Resources is to give guidance, listen and work on matters they can bring solution on to all workers within impartiality and confidentiality principles.  
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