Message From The President

Our dear employees and customers;

We have laid the foundations of safe personnel transportation services in the year 1976 as ALTUR. Ever since, we have been moving on to lead in many innovations and be the implementer of changes. We take justified pride of being preferred by the leading representatives of the business world with our modern fleet, experienced personnel and superior sense of service and quality.

Using time efficiently and correctly is the most important point amongst the factors that many corporation primarily pays attention to. In particular, transportation takes the first place in increasing labor productivity.  The biggest problem of firms in personnel transportation nowadays is the waste of time experienced. Studies done in the world’s developed countries draw attention to the importance of the time spent to and from work in terms of productivity.

Transporting firm personnel to their work, home and loved ones comfortably is our most important duty in the mega-city Istanbul where the traffic is most heavy. We consider improving and renewing ourselves continuously to meet the requests and expectations of our customers as our target in customer satisfaction and renew our vehicle fleet each passing day according to the current conditions. We carry 200 thousand personnel with our fleet of 8000 vehicles under the management of our expert staff daily by ensuring their safety and comfort.

We started to provide passenger car and commercial vehicle sales and services with the main dealer status of Volkswagen and Seat which we have entered into on 01.01.2005. Furthermore, we carry out second hand reliable vehicle purchase and sale services thoroughly and in accordance with the procedures with the DOD dealership.
With the Fleet Rent a Car service we have started in 2006 we aimed to make a difference in the sector.  As of today, we provide services to 220 corporations with 6000 vehicles in the operating lease area.

We always set out with the belief that the corporations and people we provide service to deserve the best of everything and aim to offer perfection in transportation and maintain our position as the leader in the sector.

We thank all our employees, business partners and customers who played a part in the successful results that we have delivered with their efforts and their contributions.

Yasin Albayrak İpek Albayrak Cemil Albayrak Hikmet Albayrak İlknur Albayrak Halil Kemal İbrahim Özkan Engin Koşan Kerim Köseoğlu Ali Tabak Hayri Temiz Yusuf Yazıcı Ömer Kamil Şenol